About Investments

There are thousands of investment products on the market today, and more are being created every day. This section can help you make sense of them and to understand their risks, returns, fees, and whether you can sell them easily.

Investment Basics

Introduce yourself to key investment concepts that are important for you to understand when you are considering investment products. Learn more

Private Placement Market

Investing in the private placement market is very different from investing in a public company. There are different rules and usually much higher risks. Find out what you need to know before you invest. Learn more

High Risk Investments

Be aware of these products. They can be difficult to understand and are not suitable for everyone.  You'll also want to avoid fraudulent or extremely risky versions of these products. Learn more

Cash & Fixed-Income Securities 

Most fixed income investment products arecome with a regular fixed return and the likelihood of repayment of principal.  They are not  risk-free. Learn more

Investment Funds 

You can diversify your holdings using different types of investment funds, which invest in a variety of securities. There are risks associated with these investments, including losses because of the fees you pay. Learn more


Owning a share means you own part of the company. Learn more about your rights as a shareholder and the pros and cons of this type of investing. Learn more