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Advisor-client relationship

The advisor you choose will work for you, not the other way around. They may know more than you do about investing and you will most likely turn to them for investment advice. But always remember that they derive their income from you and their other clients. It’s a partnership of sorts but you're the senior partner when it comes to the final say about your investment decisions.

Be cautious of hiring someone who is unwilling to spend time discussing the questions you raise, rushes through the answers, or speaks in terms that are hard for you to understand. Ideally, you’ll work with the person you choose for many years. It’s important for you to feel comfortable asking questions. You must be satisfied from the very beginning with the answers you receive.

Who’s responsible for what?

Sort this out first and you’re bound to have a good advisor-client relationship. Learn more 

Monitor your portfolio 

 Keep an eye on your portfolio and assess whether you’re on track to achieve your investment goals. Learn more