Avoid Investment Fraud

People often do more research when they buy a car or a new TV than they do when they purchase an investment or hire an investment advisor. Professional fraud artists know this, and they take advantage of people who don’t do their due diligence or depend solely on their friends for advice.  Checking out an investment or an advisor before you invest will go a long way in helping you to avoid investment fraud.

Investigate Before You Invest

Before making an investment decision, take some time to do your research, it could save you from falling victim to a fraud. Learn more

Spotting Investment Scams

Understanding and recognizing the things scam artists do to promote their schemes and attract captive audiences will go a long way in helping you to protect yourself against investment fraud. Learn more

Identifying Con Artists 

Scam artists don’t just seek out the greedy, the weak, or the stupid. They work hard to learn about your wants, needs, fears or convictions. No one is immune. Learn more

Advisor Misconduct 

When a registered advisor does something unethical or illegal, it can damage an individual’s finances and their trust in the system, sometimes beyond repair. Learn more