Cash & Fixed-Income Securities

Cash and fixed income investments are relatively safe. Keeping some of your investments in cash is useful if you may need to access the money in the near future, if you are still deciding on a longer-term investment, or if the markets are unfavourable. It pays to shop around for the best interest rate for the product you are looking at. Interest rates can vary widely. Even within this relatively safe class of investments, there are different levels of risk and return.

Guaranteed Investment Certificates (Interest-Bearing)

Interest-bearing guaranteed investment certificates (GICs) are low risk. You will get your money back and make a set rate of return during the period. However, GICs do have risks you may not have considered. Learn more

Guaranteed Investment Certificates (Index-Linked)

Index-linked GICs are higher risk than interest-bearing GICs. You will get your money back. However, there is a risk you will not make money on your investment or make less than you may think.  Learn more

Government Bonds

Government bonds are low risk. You will get your money back at a set rate of return if you leave your money invested until the bond matures.  Even government bonds have risks you may not have considered.  Learn more

Corporate Bonds

Corporate bonds are low to high risk depending on the strength of the company borrowing money from you. Learn more

Strip Bonds

Strip bonds are higher risk than regular bonds because their prices fluctuate widely. Learn more