File a Complaint

The BCSC is the provincial agency responsible for protecting investors and regulating fair capital markets. We supervise other regulatory organizations that set and enforce rules of conduct for many market participants, including those that regulate investment dealers glossary icon and mutual fund dealers glossary icon. Because of our system of regulation and law, these regulators are responsible for investigating investor complaints against their members.

Review the complaints about advisors and complaints about companies sections to assess whether to resolve your complaint through avenues other than, instead of, or before filing it with the BCSC.

Complaints About Advisors 

Where you file depends on the nature of your complaint. Decide first if you should complain to the BCSC or another agency, then find out how to get the most from the complaint process you use. Learn more  

Complaints About Companies 

Is the company private or public? Where is it located? What outcome are you seeking? These factors will help you decide which complaint process to use and then to make it work for you. Learn more

What the BCSC Can & Cannot Do 

As a regulator, we look to the courts to put criminals in jail. But there are other actions we can take to protect investors, like fining those who cheat investors or banning them from the market. Learn more

File a complaint now

The BCSC complaint form collects the information we need from you to determine what action we may be able to take. All information you provide will be treated as confidential and used only as allowed by the Securities Act glossary icon