Fraud Among Friends

The friends, family or associations that you trust may be the target of a fraud artist. People who run scams work hard to join groups or become trusted advisors to people of influence. They do this knowing that people often take the word of a friend. They also know people want to be involved if their friends and family are prospering from an investment. Don’t be a victim. Protect yourself and other by understanding how this type of fraud works.

Common Targets

Most of us are connected, in one way or another, to a group through our beliefs, ethnic background, culture, career, or interests. Because these groups are based on closeness and trust, they sometimes provide the perfect target for scam artists. Learn more

Affinity Fraud

Affinity fraud has caused hundreds of diligent and intelligent people in BC to lose millions of dollars to individuals they believed they could trust. Learn more

Affinity Fraud Warning Signs

Take the time to look for and take action against suspicious activity. Your care and attention may save a friend, family member or member of your community from falling victim to a scam artist. Learn more