High-Risk Investments

There are many high-risk investments that you may hear about.  Investments such as commoditiesglossary icon, futuresglossary icon, and derivativesglossary icon are high risk.  The products below are also high-risk investments. Find out why and what you should consider before you invest in them.


Companies use start-up crowdfunding to raise money from a large number of investors, usually via the Internet. Learn more

Foreign Exchange

Foreign exchange (forex, FX) trading is the exchange of one currency for another. Profit and loss depend on the fluctuations in the exchange rates between the two currencies at time of purchase and sale. Learn more

Hedge Funds

A hedge fund is an actively managed portfolio of investments that uses advanced investment strategies to generate high returns. Learn more

Inverse and Leveraged Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

Inverse and leveraged ETFs are a special type of ETF that attempt to achieve returns that are more sensitive to market movements than non-leveraged ETFs. Learn more

Private Company Investing

Private companies involve different risks that public companies for investors. Learn more

Promissory Notes 

A promissory note is an unsecured promise made by a borrower to pay interest and repay the funds borrowed by a specific date or dates. Learn more

Real Estate-Based Securities

Real estate-based securities are investments in real estate or mortgages usually sold in the exempt market. Learn more