Investment Funds

Investment fundsglossary icon can be a simple way to diversify your portfolio, especially for relatively small investment portfolios. In some funds, professional portfolio managers actively manage the fund by trading its holdings. Other funds follow an indexglossary icon. It is important to pay attention to the specific terms of the fund you are considering. Some have high management fees or restrictions on sale. Here we discuss common types of investment funds that may interest you and the risks and returns associated with them. See Diversified portfolio to find out more about the importance of diversification.

Mutual Funds 

You have heard about these funds before. Did you know that high management fees could eat up most of your returns? Find out the real facts about the risks and potential returns of mutual funds. Learn more

Exchange-Traded Funds

You’ve likely heard of this popular type of investment fund. Not all ETFs are the same and some are extremely risky. Find out more about the pros and cons of ETFs and what kinds you have to watch out for. Learn more

Scholarship Plans

For many people as soon as they have a child, they want to start saving for the child’s education. Scholarship plans are just one of many ways to do it. Find out the facts about these funds and their risks. Learn more

Segregated Funds

Looking for a guaranteed investment fund? While guaranteed in some circumstances, there are risks with segregated funds. Find out what they are and the risks that even insured investments have. Learn more