Make Investment Decisions

A suitable investment is appropriate to your risk tolerance and investment goals when considered in terms of your life circumstances, investment experience, and overall portfolio. Every advisor registered to buy and sell investment products in Canada is required by law to recommend only suitable investments. Despite that legal obligation, you may still end up with unsuitable investments in your portfolio. That's why it's so important for you to involve yourself in decisions about what your advisor buys and sells on your behalf. Here's how. 

Know your risk tolerance

Your risk tolerance is a measure not only of your willingness to accept risk but also your ability to lose money. It’s your advisor’s job to consider both when assessing how suitable an investment is for you. Learn more

Decide if it’s suitable

Go over these questions with your advisor until you fully understand the answer to each one. Learn more

Do your own research

In addition to asking your advisor for investment research, you can do your own using public information that’s online, at your public library or many other public sources. Learn more

Complete the worksheet

Gather the information you need to make an informed investment decision using the Worksheet for choosing an investment PDF document. Download and fill it in online, or print it out and fill in by hand. Either way, print it and use it when discussing your next investment with your advisor.