Planning 10: Finances

Many young people currently leaving high school and many adults have weak financial skills and little knowledge of the financial realities they’ll face. The result: costly mistakes and higher vulnerability to scams and fraud.

By learning basic financial life skills, you gain practical abilities and knowledge to effectively manage your finances and achieve your goals.

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Landing Needs and Wants 248 x 112

Needs & Wants

When people fail to separate needs from wants, they cannot establish spending priorities.
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Landing Budget 248 x 112


A budget is a basic and useful tool for financial management.
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Landing Financial Plan 248 x 112

Financial Plan

A financial plan is an essential road map to your financial future.
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Landing Budget Calc 248 x 112

Budget Calculator

Keep track of your income and expenses and manage them with a monthly budget.
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Landing My Monthly Worksheet 248 x 112

My Monthly Expenses Worksheet

By tracking expenses, you can accurately plan your spending.
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Bank Account Selector Tool

Which bank account is right for you?
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