Protect Your Money

Investment Scams: How to Protect Your Money focuses on common methods that fraudsters use to approach potential victims – via the Internet, advertisements, seminars, and by exploiting an affinity or common bond.

Developed jointly by the BC Securities Commission and Alberta Securities Commission, the online resource kicks off with an opening quiz and testimonials to raise awareness of the ways fraudsters attract their victims, each one based on real cases depicting how people are drawn into scams.

Find out how to recognize, research and prevent fraud. Each module can be shared and gives you checklists and tips to help evaluate and research investment opportunities for risks and potential fraud. The modules also make it easy to directly email questions to someone offering an investment and also to submit a complaint to the BCSC or ASC. 


The You Tube video linked from here is just the first in the series. Once you've viewed it, watch each of the modules listed below.




Investment Advertisements - Protect Your Money

If you are looking at an advertised investment opportunity, it is important to carefully consider what is being offered. Do your research and seek independent advice before you invest.

Investment Seminars: Protect Your Money
Arm yourself against potential scams by learning to ask the right questions about investment opportunities presented through seminars or meetings.

Internet Scams: Protect Your Money (pump and dump)
Protect yourself from fraud by understanding how online investing works, and recognizing the tactics scam artists use to steal people's money.

Affinity Fraud: Protect Your Money
The groups you trust may be targets of affinity fraud. Don't be a victim. Protect yourself by understanding how it works.