A share represents an ownership interest in a company. Shares are also known as stock glossary icon or as equity investments glossary icon.  Different types of shares have different levels of risk and return. In general, shares are higher risk than fixed income investments glossary icon in similar companies, but they also give you the opportunity to make a higher return. Check out particular types of public company shares below. To find information about private company shares, go to private company investing.

Common Shares 

Various companies issue common shares. There are unique risks for each company and its shares. Learn more about the risks and returns of common shares. Learn more

Flow-Through Shares

Some shares help you reduce your taxes, but you should never invest just because of the tax benefits. Find out more about the how flow-through shares work and their risks. Learn more

Preferred Shares

If you’re looking for a safer investment than common shares, but with more potential profit than fixed income investments, you may have thought about investing in preferred shares. Find out how preferred shares work and their risks. Learn more