Spot Investment Scams

Fraud artists will do anything to separate you from your money. Knowing these techniques could save you from falling for an investment scam.

Cold Calls

Have you ever received a telephone call about an 'amazing investment opportunity'? If so, be careful: the investment may not actually exist. Learn more

Friends & Family

Many people turn to those they trust as sources of information when it comes to investing. Be careful. The ones you love don’t always have the right answers. Learn more

Internet Promotions

The internet is a quick, easy and cheap way for scam artists to find potential victims for their investment scams. Learn more

Investment Ads 

Does an investment ad you read in the paper or hear about on the radio sound too good to be true? It just might be. Learn more

Investment Seminars  

The atmosphere at investment seminars can be charged and exciting, and once you are there, it can be difficult to avoid the high-pressure sales tactics. Learn more