Understand Company Material

This section discusses company information that you’ll receive, or that you can find, as a shareholder. If you own shares in a company, it must send you certain information, like meeting materials. Many companies will also send you their annual report, including financial statements, unless you have chosen not to receive them.  

There may be other information you may want to track down for a better understanding of the company. News releases and early warning reports are important ways to keep up with the latest changes in a public company.

All Canadian public company information is available on SEDAR glossary iconSEDI glossary icon, which summarizes trading by insiders, is another useful resource you may want to check out.

By reading the pages linked below, you’ll learn more about what these documents are, what to focus on, and what questions to ask yourself.

Annual report and AIFs

You may receive an annual report from a company. What information can you find there? What should you focus on? Learn more

Financial Statements and MD&A

Do numbers put you off? Would you like to understand what annual financial statements and interim financial reports tell you? Find out what to focus on. Learn more

News Releases 

Do you want to find out what is happening with your company? The best place to look is news releases. Find out how to access them and what to focus on. Learn more

Meeting Materials 

Do you receive company meeting materials every year? Find out why you should bother to look at them and vote. Learn more

Takeover Materials 

You may receive documents describing takeover bids or issuer bids. How will you decide whether to sell your shares or take other action? Learn more

Insider Reporting 

Want to know if the people closest to the company are buying or selling shares? Learn more


The official online database for public company documents. Learn more