Youth Education

The BCSC conducts research and works with high school teachers across the province, providing a free resource and training for teachers, in order to help students become more financially savvy.

The City: Financial Life Skills for Planning 10

The BCSC provides Planning 10 teachers with a resource called The City: Financial Life Skills for Planning 10. It’s comprehensive and easy-to-use.

The resource covers topics like budgeting, savings, credit and debt, investing, and identity theft and fraud. Students also prepare a financial plan - a document they need to meet their graduation requirements.

The approach blends fictional characters with real-life financial activities relevant to Grade 10 students. Short stories revolve around eight fictional characters who live in ‘The City’- a world that’s similar to the world students know but modified to avoid associating it with a particular place or time. By the time students complete the lessons, they have the basic knowledge and skills they’ll need to manage their finances after high school.

See a Planning 10 Program Evaluation. PDF document

The City/La Zone

In 2008, the BCSC and the Federal Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) adapted the resource into a national online resource called The City/La Zone. This fun online resource is available to all young Canadians and their teachers in both official languages. It uses a similar cast of characters and stories set in The City. It uses interactive activities and worksheets that let young people practice real-life skills. 

Managing our financial lives is not easy. Knowing where to start, finding reliable sources of information, figuring out what that information means, and whose advice to trust can be difficult.

These two free, powerful resources will help young people acquire the knowledge, skills and confidence they’ll need to begin planning for their post-secondary education or career, and navigate through the financial realities of adulthood.  

More youth financial literacy resources

ABC Life Literacy Canada
Resources for all ages from this non-profit organization that works to increase the literacy of all Canadians.

Cranial Cash Clash
The Investor Education Fund’s online financial assessment tool that allows you to test your financial knowledge against others from across the globe.

Make it Count
Activities and information to help parents and teachers incorporate money management lessons into daily routines.

Money and Youth
A publication from the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education that provides information to help youth better understand their finances.

My Money $ My Future
The Certified General Accountants of Alberta offer this free resource to help high school students determine their options when it comes to making financial decisions.
Financial literacy website from the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), the regulator for Québec's financial industry.

Your Money
The basics on managing your money, from the Canadian Bankers Association.