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CSA’s Interactive Fund Facts Tool

For Financial Literacy Month, the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) launched an online Fund Facts tool that takes investors on a guided tour of a sample Fund Facts document. Investors can use this interactive tool to learn to identify a fund’s principal investments, past performance, risk rating, and cost to investors.

BCSC InvestRight also offers a Mutual Funds web page where you will find information about mutual funds – what risks they have, costs, what kinds of returns can be expected, and a short discussion of Fund Facts.

Fund Facts documents are written in plain language that highlights key information about a mutual fund that CSA research has identified as important to investors. Dealers are required to deliver the Fund Facts document to mutual fund investors within two days of purchase.

Prior to purchasing a mutual fund, you should take the CSA Fund Facts tour to familiarize yourself with the language contained in the document. Doing so will help arm you with questions to ask and identify investment characteristics to look out for.

CSA’s Fund Facts tour walks you through a sample document that contains callout windows for key areas of the document. You can take a full tour of the document by clicking through each window, or you can click on numbers to check out a specific area.

After purchasing a mutual fund and receiving the Fund Facts document, investors can also use CSA’s Fund Facts tour as a reference tool.