About Our Blog

The Investor News blog provides British Columbians with information and tools to help them avoid investment scams and become empowered investors.

We want to know if you find the information and tools useful and we welcome your ideas about how we can improve them. We also want to hear any questions and challenges you have encountered and, of course, your success stories. With this information, we will do our best to improve our current program and build new tools to help you and other investors make the most of your investments.

We will also help you avoid investment scams and better understand the legitimate investments you make. This is not a forum for advice about what to invest in, but it can help you get to know yourself, your investments, and your advisor so you can better decide what’s suitable for you and what’s not.

About the Investor News Blog

The Investor News blog has six categories to keep you informed:

  • About Investing provides in-depth content related to different aspects of investing, including fees and charges, investment fraud, client-advisor relationships, and more.
  • Announcements has all of our BCSC InvestRight investor education campaign updates as well as other timely reminders.
  • Enforcement Roundup contains monthly blog posts covering BCSC, IIROC, and MFDA activities.
  • Investor Alerts is where we help you watch out for investment fraud.
  • Investor News covers the latest investor topics, BCSC research, and regulatory news.
  • Investor Warnings features stories and updates you should be aware of as an investor.

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