Securities regulators have released their fifth annual report about enforcement activities across Canada with a focus on the fight against fraud.

The Canadian Securities Administrators’ (CSA) 2012 Enforcement Report outlines how securities regulators work to protect investors and the integrity of Canada’s capital markets. The 2012 report separates fraud cases into its own category whereas previous reports included fraud in other market misconduct.

Last year, CSA members concluded cases against 322 individuals and companies, including securities fraud cases that involved 66 individuals and companies. Fines and administrative penalties totalled nearly $37-million with more than $120-million in restitution, compensation and disgorgement.

The CSA’s Enforcement Report is again available in HTML format, which allows users to navigate specific sections of the report quickly and easily. The report comes out in advance of Fraud Prevention Month in March, which highlights tools and resources Canadians can use to recognize and avoid investment fraud, and lets them know they can turn to securities regulators for help.

The B.C. Securities Commission’s mobile application helps make it easier for people to identify and report investment fraud. Recently launched as part of its three-year Be Fraud Aware campaign, the mobile app is available free from the Apple App Store for the iPhone or iPad.

The CSA will continue to use its Twitter account to share information about the CSA and its programs, beginning with key sections of the enforcement report. People interested in investor protection or education news and programs are encouraged to follow the CSA on Twitter (@CSA_News).

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