The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) are encouraging investors nationwide to participate in Check Registration Day, a nationwide event that is entering its second year.

Getting involved is easy. Take a few minutes today to use the National Registration Search at to see if your financial adviser or investment firm is registered. Another option open to you is to call the BC Securities Commission to verify registration.

If you live outside of BC, you should contact your local securities regulator. The CSA’s website provides a list of contact information for regulators in other provinces and territories.

Why is registration important?

Canadian securities regulators will only register firms and individuals that meet specific qualifications and standards. Checking registration helps to protect investors like you because it confirms if the person or firm you are trusting with your money is authorized to sell investments or offer investment advice.

The CSA offers the National Registration Search tool–an online search that allows you to easily check if a firm or individual is registered to sell securities or offer investment advice in your province or territory.

Finally, you should immediately contact your local securities regulatory authority if you discover that the person or company offering you an investment opportunity is not registered.

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