On Saturday, September 13, BCSC InvestRight took part in the Focus on Seniors Forum at the City of Surrey Seniors Centre, hosted for the Punjabi community. The goal of the forum was to address the important issues of elder abuse and neglect. The panelists discussed valuable information about legal, safety and support resources available to seniors and their caregivers.Over 70 seniors attended to listen to speakers from the Realty Board, Bank of Canada, DIVERSEcity, and the BC Responsible and Problem Gambling Program, among many others.After the presentations, a few members of the audience visited BCSC InvestRight’s booth to ask a few questions. One of the common topics that kept coming up was that most individuals had a desire to start investing but were not aware how to start, and do not know who to trust with their money.

One man explained that he was ready to invest, but did not know where to entrust his money. His brother had aligned himself with an advisor and had informed him to go to the same advisor and to copy his investments.

This type of query provided us with an opportunity to show this man The Guide to Investing: How to be an Empowered Investor. We explained that although his brother may be satisfied with the investment plan created by his advisor, no two investors are exactly alike and no single investment product or strategy is right for everyone. To invest successfully you must know what you want to accomplish and what resources you have to make it happen.

Every individual has a different risk profile and certain investments or strategies may not be in line with an individual’s goals and lifestyle.

You will also find our guides to investing on the InvestRight website. These guides are available in English, Punjabi, and Chinese. Before committing to an investment, it would be beneficial to read the various guides we provide in order to enter into a financial plan confidently.

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