In October, we launched a new campaign in BC’s ethnic communities to encourage people to “Be Fraud Aware”. This campaign will be a three-year effort aimed at increasing people’s knowledge of investment fraud and its impact on tight-knit religious and ethnic communities.

Today, the campaign is entering its second phase, with advertising running in the local Chinese and South Asia media.

We’ve added the video below to our YouTube page. It will serve as an introduction to the campaign for people who may not see the campaign on TV or in the newspaper.

As part of the initial campaign launch, we published a Chinese, Punjabi, and English website. This website includes important information about how to recognize and report investment fraud. There are also printable, full-colour brochures and posters that we hope people will download for their own use and post in places where friends and family gather to meet or worship.

Let us know what you think of the video, the websites, or the materials in the comment section below.

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