After receiving reports that Medwell Capital Corp. shareholders were contacted in what appeared to be a “recovery room” scheme, the B.C., Alberta and Ontario securities commissions issued Investor Alerts. BCSC staff also added NT Global to the Investment Caution List.


The man contacting Medwell Capital Corp. shareholders went by the name of Michael DeJuan, of NT Global, which purports to be a Toronto-based company. The NT Global website is suspended, and the address the company lists as its headquarters is a virtual office.  Another company with a similar name, NT Global Advisors Inc., confirmed to the Ontario Securities Commission that neither it, nor any of its employees, has been contacting Medwell Capital Corp. shareholders.


You can read more about recovery room schemes in the Investor Protection section of the website.


On March 15, BCSC staff added Ava FX, Ava Financial Ltd., Ava Capital Markets Ltd., 4XP Investments & Trading, and Forex Place Ltd. to the Investment Caution List. A British Columbia resident brought the companies’ websites to the attention of staff.


BCSC staff also added Pennington Global, Wentworth & Wellesley Ltd., and Wentworth & Wellesley Metals to the Investment Caution List in mid-March.


Pennington Global came to the attention of BCSC staff after a representative of the firm solicited a B.C. resident to open a commodities trading account. Another law enforcement agency reported Wentworth & Wellesley to the BCSC. These companies also purport to be commodities brokers, and have opened trading accounts with Alberta and Saskatchewan residents.


None of these eight additions to the Investment Caution List are registered to trade in, or advise on, securities and exchange contracts. We urge B.C. residents to exercise extreme caution when dealing with firms that are not registered to trade or advise in securities.


We also encourage people to report investment offers by unregistered foreign entities to the BCSC immediately. You should always check an advisor or company’s registration by doing a background search.


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