We have been out on the road quite a bit in the past couple of months, giving presentations in various cities and attending home shows and community forums. We always get interesting questions when presenting, and we try to highlight them from time-to-time on our blog.

In March, I presented to an investment group at the Bonsor 55+ Centre, a beautiful building that is very close to Metrotown. The Bonsor 55+ Centre hosts a number of programs, and is a hub of activity from what I could tell in my short visit there. I suggest checking it out if you are looking to meet people or get more active. I also presented to the BCGREA in Burnaby earlier this month These groups had some good questions that I thought I should share. Here they are: 
How do I check an advisor’s registration? 
There are two ways that you can check registration: search the National Registration Search (NRS), or call our Inquires Group. The Canadian Securities Administrators’ NRS contains the names of the firms and individuals who can sell securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.) in Canada. 

If you find checking on the Internet difficult, you can call us directly. Our Inquiries Group will help you with your request.


How do I do a background check on my advisor?  

There are three key steps you should take when doing a background check on an advisor:

  1. Check to see if the individual is registered
  2. Check to see if the individual has been disciplined
  3. Search the Internet for news or information about the individual

There is a page on InvestRight that walks you through these steps and provides links to different resources.


What should I look for in a financial advisor?  

When seeking an advisor, you will need to make sure the person is right for your needs.

You do this by determining your financial situation and your investment goals. The Informed Investing section of InvestRight will help you make these determinations. After that, you can use the Work with an Advisor section to walk you through the process of choosing and working with a financial advisor. 


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