Canadian securities regulators are recognizing Fraud Prevention Month this March by encouraging investors to take early and proactive steps in protecting themselves from investment fraud.

Securities regulators stress that being an informed investor is the best defence against investment fraud. The CSA website offers several free educational tools and resources for investors, including how to check the background of an individual or firm, what to ask when choosing a financial adviser, and how to maintain a successful working relationship with an adviser.

The CSA also offers the National Registration Search, a tool that allows investors to easily check if a firm or individual is registered to sell securities or offer investment advice in their jurisdiction. Canadian securities regulators will only register firms and individuals that meet specific qualifications and standards. 

The CSA is encouraging investors nationwide to participate in Check Registration Day on March 19, 2014. Visit to use the National Registration Search to see if your investment individuals or firms are registered in your jurisdiction.

If you discover that the person you are dealing with is not registered, call or email the BC Securities Commission immediately.


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