RRSP season is a great time to check in with your registered investment advisor and decide how to allocate your contribution for 2010. But don’t let yourself feel pressured by them, or by the RRSP advertising that’s in full swing this month.

As long as you make your contribution by the March 1 deadline, the actual investments you choose are up to you. Not ready to decide? You can also leave your contribution in cash, in the form of a deposit or cash balance, where you bank or at a registered securities firm. Then, when you’re ready, you can choose the type of investment that fits your investment strategy.

It’s as easy to feel pressured to do the same old thing as it can be to look into something new. So, whether this is your year to step into new investing territory or to revisit your usual assumptions, start with InvestRight’s Informed investing section.

Know yourself: Could your risk profile have changed since last year? Find out by taking the risk test.

Know your investments: It’s much easier than you think to follow the market and monitor your portfolio. Here’s how to get started.

Work with an advisor: Your advisor is registered, right? Make sure they are, then find out how to make the most of your advisor-client relationship … in RRSP and every season.

About investments: InvestRight’s unbiased approach to investment information takes off the rose-coloured glasses and looks at the risks, returns, and fees first.

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