BCSC InvestRight Enforcement Roundup – January 2017

In this edition of the Enforcement Roundup, we highlight one panel decision, a settlement agreement, and two notices of hearing from the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC).

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BCSC Panel Decision            

Havenplex Holdings Ltd. and Patrick Aaron Dunn

A BCSC panel found that Havenplex Holdings Ltd. engaged in an illegal distribution and ordered the company to pay a disgorgement of $105,000 to the commission.

In 2013, Havenplex received $55,000 from the sale of its promissory notes to two investors. In 2014, one of the investors invested an additional $50,000 through the company’s president. The panel found that Havenplex relied on a private issuer exemption, but neither investor was accredited nor did they otherwise qualify for the exemption.

On March 3, 2016 the executive director entered into a settlement agreement with Dunn.

BCSC Return of Funds Claim  

The BCSC paid a B.C. investor $20,000 that she lost as a result of misconduct by Keith Henry Alexander.

In a settlement agreement with the BCSC, Alexander admitted that he breached securities laws when he distributed a security to an investor without a prospectus and without being registered to trade. Alexander agreed to market prohibitions and paid the BCSC $20,000 he had obtained as a result of his contraventions.

For more on how the BCSC returns funds to investors, visit the Returning Funds to Investors page on bcsc.bc.ca.

BCSC Notice of Hearing

Roy Ping Bai, also known as Ping Bai, and RBP Consulting

The BCSC’s Executive Director issued a notice of hearing alleging that Roy Ping Bai, also known as Ping Bai and RBP Consulting, perpetrated a fraud on investors.

SBC Financial Group Inc. and Prabhjot Singh Bakshi

The BCSC’s Executive Director issued a notice of hearing alleging that Prabhjot Singh Bakshi, a BC resident, and SBC Financial Group Inc. traded securities without being registered and illegally distributed securities.

Report a Concern

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