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Monitor Your Portfolio

At any particular time, the value of your investments may be up or down. If the market is falling, some or all of your investments should be losing value as well. If the market is rising, your overall portfolio should rise with it. Look at your portfolio’s performance and compare its performance from year to year to see where you are in achieving your goals.

If your portfolio is off track, work with your investment advisor to get it back on track before it’s too late. Beware if your investment advisor tells you that your portfolio is performing quite differently than the market.

Getting Information on Your Portfolio’s Performance

Your investment advisor’s firm must provide you with account statements every three months, or every month if you requested them or if you completed a transaction during the month. They must also provide you with an annual investment performance report, similar to the sample report.

The companies you invest in will send you information on your investments, unless you choose not to receive them. You can also find information about them by doing your own research. See the Know Your Investments section to learn how to find information on individual investments and how to make sense of the documents you have chosen to receive.

There are also many services available on the Internet to record your portfolio and track its performance.