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SEDAR is Canada’s central electronic filing system for public company and mutual fund disclosure documents. This is a repository where companies file all information required by Canadian securities regulators and you can search it, at no cost, as part of your due diligence.

The prospectusfinancial statements, management discussion and analysis, news releases, and other kinds of reports provide detailed information that can help you make your investment decision.

Reading these documents will better equip you to assess your investment advisor’s recommendation when you are thinking about investing in a public company.

Two Ways to Search on SEDAR

1. If you are looking for a specific document that a company or mutual fund has filed, follow these steps:

  • From the home page, select Search Database.
  • Choose either Public Company Documents or Investment Fund Documents.
  • Select the document from the drop down list under document type. You can limit to a company or an industry group and can limit the filing period.
  • Click on the specific document you are interested in reviewing.

2. If you are looking for all documents that a company has filed, follow these steps:

  • From the home page, select Issuer Profiles.
  • Go to the alphabetical list for either Companies or Investment Fund Groups to retrieve a list of all companies/funds starting with a particular letter.
  • Select the company or fund you want to research.
  • Click on the link to View This Company’s or Investment Fund’s Documents.