Can you spot the red flags of an investment scam?

A comment to our post Welcome to the InvestRight Blog! asked if we had information about websites that offer antivirus tools but, once there, actually offer investments using links to investment sites of dubious origin.

I checked with our inquiries group. We haven’t received any other information about this type of promotion, but it made me think of the common traits this practice shares with investment scams. The most common one is using a person’s fears and desires to get them to bite:WARNING! You have a computer virus! Click here to fix it now for FREE!

We have a Red Flags program to help investors spot the most common pitch lines used by con artists to exploit investors’ fears and desires. We developed them by researching both perpetrators and victims of investment fraud and reviewing fraud cases over the last few years. However, the comment to our first post made me wonder: Are there common investment scams that our research missed or are new investment scams becoming more prevalent? If so, what are those scams?

So, my questions to you are:

1. What do you think of our Red Flags program? Does it cover the most common investment scams? Is it helpful to you?

2. What pitch lines for dubious investments are you coming across these days, online and offline?