Canadian financial literacy resources for youth

With household debt rising to alarming levels in Canada, it is evident that we need to encourage young Canadians to be fiscally responsible in order for them to achieve their life goals.


In this post, I will point to some websites aimed at helping young people develop their financial skills. This is not an extensive list, of course, and we encourage you to post other resources in the comments section below.


The City/La Zone
In 2008, the BCSC and FCAC launched an online resource called The City/La Zone. This resource is available to all young Canadians and their teachers in both official languages. It uses interactive activities and worksheets that let young people practice real-life skills. The City/La Zone is based on the BCSC’s The City: Financial Life Skills for Planning 10 and is available to students and teachers across the country.


My Money $ My Future 

The Certified General Accountants of Alberta offer this free resource to help high school students determine their options when it comes to making financial decisions. The website offers a quiz to see if you are “a saver or a spender”, a debt calculator, and helpful tips on saving and earning. You can also download a free workbook or sign up for monthly financial tips.


Make it Count
The Canadian Securities Administrator’s Make it Count program offers a series of activities, tips and lesson plans that are simple to follow and easy to teach. The program includes a parent’s guide, an instructor’s guide and an online daily budgeting program that uses everyday situations like errands to engage youth in discussions about money management. There is also a mobile app available through the iTunes store.


Your Money 

This website from the Canadian Banker’s Association offers resources for teachers, parents, and students. The website it tailored to serve these three distinct audiences with sections catering to each of their needs. For example, in the student section, young people will find links to information about budgeting, saving, and investing. The website also taps into outside resources, like The City’s “Lifestyle Reality Check” worksheet.


Cranial Cash Clash
This online financial assessment tool allows you to test your knowledge against other people playing online. You play by first choosing a finance-themed, multiple-choice quiz. Your score is determined by how quickly, and correctly, you answer the questions. Your can share and track your score on social networking websites. 


For more links to financial literacy resources for young people, visit the Youth Education section of InvestRight.