Happy Holidays from BCSC InvestRight and Parkour Santa

Investment fraud is no laughing matter. It’s the worst thing that can happen to someone who has carefully saved their money with the expectation of growing it through wise investing.

But we have learned at InvestRight that people better remember how to recognize and report the warning signs of investment fraud when we reach out with a bit of humour and entertainment.

That’s how it comes to be that we have been having some fun this year at InvestRight, with our empowered investor Jean taking up the urban running and jumping craze “Parkour” in her quest to disrupt investment fraud.

Now, with the holiday season upon us, we couldn’t help wondering how Santa might like Parkour. As you’ll see from the video, Santa got right into it and now he’s helping us deliver holiday greetings to you and yours, and a donation to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.