Hiring the right financial advisor is very important

Some people may need help in hiring a financial advisor. It is important that it is a good fit and that you get the kind of support and service that you need.

The Globe & Mail’s investor section launched Financial Planning Week with a conversation with certified financial planner Debbie Ammeter. Check it out. She is giving sage advice that may assist you in your search.

We also provide help in choosing an advisor. Don’t hire someone who is unwilling to spend time answering questions you raise. Watch out for the advisor that uses a lot of industry jargon that you don’t understand. Make sure you feel comfortable with this person. It’s your money, and you need to have a relationship based on respect and mutual understanding of the goals of your portfolio.

Look at our Guide to Investing, especially the interactive work sheets that guide you through the process. It helps you do the research, suggests the kinds of questions to ask and how to manage your portfolio going forward.

The new website has a lot of information to help you become an informed investor. Check it out. Give us feedback about what works and doesn’t work for you on InvestRight.org.