Next stop … a one-stop registration search


If you’ve used our Guide to Investing on how to work with your investment advisor, you know how important it is to check your advisor’s registration. And if you’ve checked your advisor’s registration, you’ve probably used the registration database on the CSA website or contacted our inquiries group.

If you have checked the registration of your advisor or the advisor’s firm… how did that go? Did you find what you were looking for? We’re looking for feedback on the current process of finding registration information in BC and across the country and would love to hear from you via a survey.

There’s a proposal afoot to combine the registration searches from securities commissions across Canada (with the exception of Ontario) into one national search on the Canadian Securities Administrators website. BCSC is leading the project to determine what this national search will look like and we’re in the beginning stages of figuring out what users want and need. We’ve created a survey to learn about how you currently find registration information, what you’re looking for, and how you use it … and we want your opinions.

Please complete the survey  and help us make the proposed national registration search as easy and useful as possible.

We also welcome your feedback on finding registration information (or anything else!) through comments on this post.