Play a game! Improve your financial literacy


A few weeks ago, Celebrity Calamity went live. It’s an online financial literacy game aimed at young women between 18-35. It’s catchy. In fact, my wife, who is within the target market, played it for an hour straight with mutterings here and there including “she can’t afford that!” when her star Celeb suddenly bought a private jet. There’s a short write-up on it over at Fast Company.



Funnily enough, I happened upon Celebrity Calamity just after talking with a friend over coffee about the possibilities for creating a personal finance game. Not an online game, but an in-depth one made specifically for gaming consoles.

Given the popularity of games such as Wii fit, which focuses on physical fitness and brain games such as Brain Challenge, Brain Age and BUZZ!, which exercise and test brain skills, we wondered if financial fitness could be the next evolution in personal health themed games. Gaming consoles are starting to appeal to audiences beyond the youth market such as the family entertainment sector and even seniors – in Toronto 10 retirement homes competed for gold in a self-organized gaming Olympics!

Now I realize there is a lot involved in producing a full-on video game, so my friend and I also pondered the questions: Where does one start? Who does a non-profit partner with?

Any suggestions? Do you think this is a worthwhile pursuit or are we just gaming ourselves?

Links to other financial literacy games:

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