Shorty & Evans talk risks and rewards of investing

Today we launch a radio campaign on TEAM 1040. It features Canucks play-by-play announcer, John ‘Shorty’ Shorthouse, and BCSC director of enforcement, Lang Evans. John sat down recently with Lang for a coaching session on investing. In this podcast, Shorty & Evans talk about the risks and rewards of investing.

Top 3 take-aways from risk & reward podcast

1. Be patient. Make the play on your terms. When you’re presented with a deal, always step back: any good deal that’s there today will the there tomorrow. Look for opportunities and return, but also look at balancing your risk. Don’t hesitate to pass the deal to someone with expertise in the field for a second opinion.

2. Most common investing mistakes:

  • Buying an investment you don’t understand
  • Putting too much money in one deal
  • Using borrowed money to invest

3. No matter how bad the news in your investment statements, you’re better off knowing. When you get something in the mail from your advisor, open it, read it, ask questions, and understand it.

Listen to the whole podcast on YouTube

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