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Vancouver 2010 Olympics: Promises of high returns


On the eve of this city’s biggest undertaking, the anticipation for Canada to win lots of Olympic medals is palpable. Polls on news sites ask people to vote on whether Canada will win 20 or more medals. It’s as if there wasn’t enough pressure on the athletes already, so let’s pile it on.

Some sports enthusiasts are behaving just like aggressive financial promoters, promising you huge returns on our Olympic investment, but forgetting to mention the risks.

Who knows how well Canada will do in the 2010 Olympics. Just like investing, you can’t promise lots of gold medals without assessing the risks. Even men’s hockey is not a sure thing. 

I will however cheer our team on as they compete against the world’s best and hope, like my investments, that I get a reasonable return. What that means in Olympic terms is some exciting and unexpected wins over the next couple of weeks.

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