What’s an investor to do?

As Patricia emphasized in her most recent blog – “2009 – The Year of the Ponzi” – this has been a tough year for investors. The recession has hurt investors and virtually every Canadian to some degree. Signs indicate that we are crawling out of the economic malaise, and the recent Globe and Mail article headlined “Return of the highly confident investor” suggests more positive times ahead for investors. But it’s not surprising, that this time around, battered investors are taking a more cautious approach to where and how they invest their money. They are also less optimistic about what they should expect in return.

The Globe piece talks about the need for a long-term perspective in investing and the importance of a well-balanced portfolio, the recognition of the role that risk plays in investing and the need for realistic expectations.

Similar points of view are reflected in the advice given by a panel of international and national experts during the BC Securities Commission’s annual industry forum in October. Have a look and listen to what else the panel has to say in the segment, “Advice for risk-adverse investors,” just uploaded on YouTube.

The entire Capital Ideas conference has been posted as well.