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New links and resources for investors

We’ve recently published a revised Useful Links page on InvestRight. We updated the page to make links used for research and background checks easier for investors to find and reference.

We’ve also eliminated some duplication by cross-linking to our corporate website, which hosts links to stock exchanges, self-regulatory organizations (IIROC, MFDA, etc.), public company disclosure, and industry education information.

Included in the update are some links to new resources.

In the “investing and financial literacy” category, we added links to two new resources from the Manitoba Securities Commission (MSC).

I’m Worth It is a financial resource program for women that provides information and tips on how to manage finances. It covers a wide range of topics concerning money management. You will find a resource guide, mobile app, videos, lesson plans, and a budgeting spread sheet at the website,

The second offering from the MSC is called Your Future Self. This website brings together a series of e-mails to help you explore, learn and put into place some sound financial practices. You will find the website at

Under the new “legal resources” category, we added a link to the Justice Access Centre. The centres, located in Vancouver and Nanaimo, provide information about legal issues and can point you to the services available to your situation. These two centres offer help with civil and family law issues, such as debt, income security, and housing. They do not deal with criminal issues, small claims court forms and filings, and some other issues.

We hope you like the new page. Let us know if you think we should add any other links in our comments section.

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