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Elder Financial Abuse

Home > Search results for ‘ Advisor check’ > Page 3 Elder financial abuse is the most common form of elder abuse. It is defined as the unlawful or unauthorized use of an elderly person’s financial assets. It is also the act of pressuring an elder to authorize consent or use of their financial assets. Understanding Elder […]


Home > Search results for ‘ Advisor check’ > Page 3 RRSP accounts help you save for your retirement. A Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) is an account, registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), which allows you to shelter your investment earnings and defer taxes until you begin to make withdrawals in your retirement years. You […]


Home > Search results for ‘ Advisor check’ > Page 3 These accounts can help you pay for a child’s post-secondary education. A Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) is an account registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) you can set up to help pay the costs of a beneficiary’s (son, daughter, nephew, grandchild, etc.) post-secondary education. RESPs […]

Spot a Fraudster

Home > Search results for ‘ Advisor check’ > Page 3 Understanding and recognizing the things scam artists do to promote their schemes will go a long way in helping you to protect yourself. There are people who put themselves forward as legitimate investment advisors, but their real goal is to steal your money. Fraudsters will also […]

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Setting Your Financial Goals

Home > Search results for ‘ Advisor check’ > Page 3 Decide what you want to accomplish with your money and when you want to accomplish it. Your financial goals are unique to you, so whatever your financial situation, it’s important to consider where you are now and where you want to be in your future. Setting […]

Real Estate-based Securities

Home > Search results for ‘ Advisor check’ > Page 3 Exempt real estate-based investments are sold to investors in the private placement market without a prospectus, without the BCSC’s review or approval, and usually, without the advice of a registered dealer. Real estate-based securities represent an indirect investment in something related to land. They can be […]

Promissory Notes

Home > Search results for ‘ Advisor check’ > Page 3 A promissory note, also known as a corporate note, is an unconditional promise made by a borrower to pay interest and repay borrowed money by a specific date or set of dates. The date set for full repayment of a promissory note (also known as a […]

Market Misconduct

Home > Search results for ‘ Advisor check’ > Page 3 Securities regulators in Canada investigate and prosecute suspected capital market misconduct. The British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) enforces BC’s securities laws, to help protect investors and prevent harm to the province’s capital markets. Combating Misconduct The BCSC’s Enforcement division investigates breaches of BC’s securities laws including […]

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