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Affinity Fraud

BC residents have lost millions of dollars to individuals they believed they could trust.

Common Targets

Religious organizations, community groups and business associations can provide the perfect target for fraudsters.

Market Misconduct

Securities regulators in Canada investigate and prosecute suspected capital market misconduct.

Spot a Fraudster

Understanding and recognizing the things scam artists do to promote their schemes will go a long way in helping you to protect yourself.

Avoid Fraud

Investment fraud is real, and it hurts new and seasoned investors. Knowing how to identify fraud and other types of misconduct and staying up to date on the latest scams is your first line of defense. These resources will help you learn to recognize, reject, and report investment fraud.

Investor Personality Quiz

The BC Securities Commission conducted the National Smarter Investor Study among Canadians aged 35+ to assess what Canadians know, feel, and do when it comes to investing.

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