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What is Start-up Crowdfunding?

[…] money for operations, expansion, or other business reasons. Investors can invest in companies for relatively small amounts of money, and companies can access wider pools of investors with a crowdfunding campaign. There are different forms of crowdfunding, including: Donation Presale Securities (which can include equity) In a securities crowdfunding campaign, you receive securities of […]

What do Crypto-asset Owners Know About Their Investments?

[…] studies, the most aware demographic, and most likely owners of crypto-assets, were men between the ages of 18-44. Crypto-asset owners seemed to be looking for ways to get-rich-quick – citing friends, acquaintances, and social media influencers as key investment decision motivators. The majority of crypto-asset owners said they used disposable income to invest. Some […]

Top Investment Scams in Canada

[…] the CSA and Chair and CEO of the Alberta Securities Commission. “They will try to lure investors with the opportunity to protect themselves from economic uncertainty or get in on the ‘ground floor’ of new technologies that turn out to be false or exaggerated.” With October being Investor Education Month, the CSA is releasing […]

Things to Consider When Investing in a Trend

[…] your investment advisor’s registration Keep an eye out for the warning signs of investment fraud: promises of high returns, low risk limited time offer – you must get in now unsolicited offers – just for you Report a Concern If you have any concerns about a person or company offering an investment opportunity, please […]

Take Our Investment Fraud Email Course – It’s Free

[…] Should I Sign Up For an Email Course About Investment Fraud? Investment fraud isn’t easy to recognize. In fact, a friend, family member, or coworker could unwittingly get you involved in an investment fraud because they truly believe an investment they contributed to is legit. This course will help you recognize investment fraud if […]

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Crypto Quiz

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This quiz is designed to introduce you to the basics of crypto assets. It is not intended to provide investment or financial advice, and should not be relied upon as a substitute for such advice.

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