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Online Fraud Seminar

BCSC InvestRight wants to help you avoid investment fraud. This self-directed online seminar covers the warning signs of investment fraud, common scams, and how to report suspicious activity to the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC).

This course focuses on how to recognize, reject, and report investment fraud. Investors of all ages and knowledge levels need to know how to protect themselves from scams.

Step One: Learn How to Recognize, Reject, and Report Investment Fraud

After you watch the video, see if you can recognize a fraud before it happens.

Take the Fraud Quiz

Step Two: Common Scams and Spot-a-Scam Checklists

Once you have a basic understanding of investment fraud, move on to learn about some common scams that target investors.

Learn Common Scams

Have you encountered a fraudulent scheme? Use these checklists to identify an offer that’s too good to be true, especially if it’s unsolicited.

Step Three: Empower Yourself as an Investor

The BCSC InvestRight Empowered Investor Guide helps you learn about key investing concepts, how to work with an advisor, and avoid falling victim to a scam. The guide also has worksheets you can take with you to a meeting with a registered investment advisor or use to plan your finances.

Read the Empowered Investor Guide

Highlights from the Guide include:

  • Always check if your investment advisor is registered.
  • Ask questions, and keep on asking questions, until you fully understand each investment.
  • Know that higher returns mean higher risk. There are no exceptions.
  • Never sign a blank form or write a cheque to your advisor or advisor’s personal corporation.
  • Never feel obligated to take on an investment risk that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Step Four: Subscribe for BCSC InvestRight Updates

The best way to keep your knowledge sharp is to stay in touch with BCSC InvestRight. We send email newsletters that cover investment fraud, investor alerts, and other important information for investors.