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Find Out What You Know About Crypto with the New Quiz

A young man is sitting at the computer desk and testing his knowledge of crypto assets with the BCSC InvestRight's new Crypto Quiz.
To mark Financial Literacy Month, we released an interactive quiz to help people test their general knowledge of cryptocurrencies, digital ledgers, and other crypto assets.

Are you considering buying or trading crypto? Crypto assets have exploded in popularity in recent years. Before you consider buying or trading crypto assets, make sure you understand the risks involved. Check your knowledge with BCSC InvestRight’s new Crypto Quiz!

To mark Financial Literacy Month, we released an interactive quiz to help people test their general knowledge of cryptocurrencies, digital ledgers, and other crypto assets. Building your knowledge of crypto assets (or any investment) and understanding the risks involved is important. As an investor, you want to make informed decisions and protect yourself from investment fraud.

If you feel a little lost in all the details about crypto assets, this quiz is a great first step to help you understand what crypto assets are, what they are not, and things to look out for if you are considering purchasing them.

Even if you feel confident about your crypto asset knowledge, it’s beneficial to recognize any gaps in your knowledge and fill in the blanks.

Experiential learning – learning by doing – is an effective way to acquire and retain knowledge. Put your knowledge through its paces while learning about crypto assets in BCSC InvestRight’s true or false quiz!

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Why It’s Important to Be an Informed Investor

Over the last few years, crypto assets have experienced significant growth and generated a lot of interest from the public and media. Access to the crypto asset market has become readily available to anyone.

As an investor, you might have been looking for ways of adding digital assets to your portfolio.

But how much do you know? Are cryptocurrencies an alternative currency? What is blockchain technology? What’s an NFT?

Since buying and trading in crypto assets can be risky and crypto-related fraud is on the rise in Canada, we created a tool that can help you become better-informed about this emerging market. Many crypto assets and online trading platforms aren’t currently regulated, which means that their purchase, transfer, and sale fall outside the protections that securities regulators can provide.

Even though crypto assets have become very popular with investors, we urge you to always do your research before committing your money. Better educating yourself using unbiased resources, such as those provided by BCSC’s InvestRight before investing is key to achieving your financial goals and avoiding investment fraud.

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Crypto Quiz

Test Your Crypto Asset Knowledge.

This quiz is designed to introduce you to the basics of crypto assets. It is not intended to provide investment or financial advice, and should not be relied upon as a substitute for such advice.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are the same thing.