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Investment Caution List

The BCSC publishes a list of unregistered and unqualified investments being offered in British Columbia.

Offshore Investment Scheme

Home > Search results for ‘ What is an Investment Account?’ > Page 3 What is an Offshore Investment Scheme? These schemes come in many forms, but one common characteristic runs through them all: the promoters want you to send money out of the country. Once a fraud artist has moved the money offshore, they may move it two or […]

Get Started with Investing: The Basics

Kick off your investor journey by learning basic investing terms and topics. These videos can help you understand differences between saving and investing, how common investment accounts work, what it means to be a passive versus an active investor, and more.

Ways to Manage Your Money

You have options when it comes to how you manage your investments. You can use a registered individual investment advisor, a robo-advisor, or look after your investments yourself through self-directed investing. Learn about each option below to decide which one might be right for you.

Crypto Assets

Home > Search results for ‘ What is an Investment Account?’ > Page 3 Crypto assets are a type of digital asset. They use cryptography, peer-to-peer networking, and a public ledger to create new crypto offerings, and verify and secure transactions without a middleman or bank. Crypto assets often have one or more of the following properties: A medium of […]


A First Home Savings Account allows you to save for a down payment without paying tax on your account contributions or on your investment earnings.

Report Fraud or Misconduct

We can help you focus your complaint, sort out which regulator to file it with, and understand what to expect.

Elder Financial Abuse

Elder financial abuse is the most common form of elder abuse. It is defined as the unlawful or unauthorized use of an elderly person’s financial assets.

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Crypto Quiz

Test Your Crypto Asset Knowledge.

This quiz is designed to introduce you to the basics of crypto assets. It is not intended to provide investment or financial advice, and should not be relied upon as a substitute for such advice.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are the same thing.