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From Crush to Crushed: The Reality of Romance Scams

This might sound familiar: You’ve created a profile on a dating site or app, hoping to meet someone special. Someone catches your attention, or reaches out to strike up a conversation with you. Either way, they quickly show interest in your personal life. Soon, they start recommending investments or trading in cryptocurrencies. They may […]

Beware of Crypto Scams on Social Media and Dating Sites

Offered an investment opportunity on social media or an online dating site? Approach these opportunities with caution. The B.C. RCMP, British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC), Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC) and municipal police are warning the public about an emerging trend of fraudsters using social media and online dating sites to lure B.C. residents into […]

BCSC Asks Investors to Slow Down & Think Before Investing

[…] investing to avoid becoming the victim of a social media-based fraud. The BCSC is growing increasingly concerned about sophisticated scams targeting people via social media and online dating sites. Fraudsters are using these platforms to manipulate people into establishing virtual friendships or romantic relationships and then requesting money for investment scams after building trust […]

Year in Review: Resources You May Have Missed in 2020

[…] normal encounter. Watch these videos to better understand a fraudster’s tactics and promises so you can recognize and reject investment scams. The Reality of Romance Scams Online dating has become more common thanks to dating apps and sites. In 2020, starting up an online relationship may be even more appealing when we’re being asked […]

Romance Scam

Home > Search Results for ‘❤️ Dating for mig: ❤️ Dating Buzz Sa Western Cape Girardeau Torsk‘ What is a Romance Scam? A romance scam occurs when scammers lure victims into false or misleading relationships, often with the intention to steal money or commit other types of fraud. How Does a Romance Scam […]

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