Know Your Investments

Monitor your portfolio and review your statements even after you have chosen your investments. Don’t hesitate to call your advisor if you have any questions or concerns.

Portfolio report


Use this free online database to research public company documents and disclosure.

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Annual Report & AIFs

Know what to look for and focus on in these public company documents.

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Financial Statements

Understand what annual financial statements and interim financial reports tell you about a company.

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News Releases

Take the time to understand how an announcement may affect your investment.

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Meeting Materials

Find out why you should take the time to look at these documents and vote.

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Takeover Materials

Received a takeover circular? You will need to decide whether to sell your shares or take other action.

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Insider Reporting

Know if the people closest to the company are buying or selling shares.

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Monitor Your Portfolio

Keep track of your investments to make sure they are still right for you.

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