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Investor Alert: Crypto-Asset “Smart Wallets” | 投資者警示: 加密资产 “智能钱包”

The BCSC has issued an investor alert about “smart wallet” apps.

The BC Securities Commission (BCSC) is alerting investors about “smart wallet” apps that purportedly store a person’s crypto-assets and earn money for depositors.

The apps promise to reward users through automated trading of crypto-assets on various exchanges. If users deposit a certain amount, they can activate artificial intelligence software that is supposed to find and execute high-frequency crypto-asset trades. The purported trading is not controlled by the app’s users.

One app, WoToken Wallet, claims that users will realize earnings of six to 20 per cent monthly by activating the trading software. Another app, Cloud Wallet, says users will earn six to 15 per cent monthly in the same way.

Users are told they will receive bonus payments by persuading other people to use the wallet; the payments depend on how much those recruits earn from the crypto-asset trading software. If a depositor’s recruits persuade others to use the wallet and they, too, reap trading profits, the depositor supposedly receives additional bonuses.

“These apps’ claims of big payouts from some kind of automated crypto-asset trading appear too good to be true,” said Doug Muir, the BCSC’s Director of Enforcement. “The apps also resemble a pyramid scheme, in which investors are promised earnings if they get others to join in. Big promises and pyramid-like payouts are both classic warning signs of risky investments. We urge everyone to approach these apps with extreme caution.”

Users are required to make a minimum deposit of US$100 to US$1,000 in crypto-assets. The bonuses are paid out in a crypto-asset that is particular to each app, which can supposedly be converted into more commonly-traded crypto-assets like bitcoin or ether, and then into conventional currency.

Cloud Wallet is available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play. WoToken Wallet can only be downloaded from a website unconnected to the App Store and Google Play.

WoToken Limited, the company behind the WoToken Wallet, is based in the British Virgin Islands. WoToken Wallet’s Facebook page also mentions a connection to WO Data Group Ltd., which was recently registered in B.C., and WO Data Group Limited, which was recently registered in Colorado.

The company behind Cloud Wallet, Cloud Technology & Investments Pty Ltd., is registered in Australia. One of the people promoting Cloud Wallet in online forums lives in Canada.

The BCSC is warning the public about using these apps. In addition, the BCSC and other Canadian securities regulators urge caution when buying crypto-assets through trading platforms.

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投資者警示: 加密资产 “智能钱包”

溫哥華 省證監會(BCSC)向公众發出智能钱包” 应用软件警告。这些软件被指会储存用户的加密资产及替其赚钱。

这些应用软件承诺通过在不同的交易市场进行加密资产的自动买卖来奖励 用户 。如果 用户 存一定的数额,他们可以启动人工智能软件寻找及执行高频率的加密资产买卖。该些买卖不是由软件 用户 所控制的。

其中一个名为 WoToken Wallet 的应用软件声称 用户 启动买卖软件会获得每月百分之六至二十的收益。另一软件 Cloud Wallet 说用同样的方法 用户 会每月赚百分之六至十五。

WoToken Wallet 及其他 “ 智能钱包 ” 计策在大温哥华地区华人社区被推广及发售。

用户 被告知如能说服其他人用该钱包会获得奖励,奖励的多少视乎被招募的人从加密资产买卖软件中赚多少。如果一个 用户 所招募的人说服其他人用该钱包而他们也从买卖中赚到利润,该 用户 会获得额外奖励。

BCSC 執法部總監 Doug Muir 表示, “ 这些应用软件声称从一些加密资产自动买卖中获得高回报看来太理想,并不可信。这些应用软件也像传销计策承诺投资者如引进其他人会得收益。很大的承诺及像传销的回报都是常见的高危投资警号。我们促请各位接触这些应用软件时要格外小心。 ”

用户 需要存入至少 100  1,000 美元在加密资产。奖励是以每个应用软件特定的加密资产支付。这些特定的加密资产被指可以兑换成比较流通的加密资产例如比特币或以太币,然后再兑换成传统货币。

Cloud Wallet 在苹果的 App Store  Google Play 有供应。 WoToken Wallet 只可以在特定网址上下载 ( 网址与 App Store  Google Play 是没关联的 ) 

WoToken Wallet 背后的 WoToken Limited 設在英属处女群岛。 WoToken Wallet 的脸书帐户提及其跟 WO Data Group Ltd. 有关。 WO Data Group Ltd. 最近在卑詩省注册。而 WO Data Group Limited 最近在科罗拉多州注册。

Cloud Wallet 背后的公司 Cloud Technology & Investments Pty Ltd. 在澳洲 注册 。其中一个在网上讨论区推广 Cloud Wallet 的人住在加拿大。

卑诗省证监会提醒公众有关使用这些应用软件。另外,卑诗省证监会及加拿大其他证监会促请公众透过交易平台买加密资产 要小心 ,因为在加拿大没有加密资产交易平台被公认为交易市场或获授权作为买卖场所或经销商。

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