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Quizzes & Courses

Investor Personality Quiz

Personality matters when it comes to how you invest. Find out about your investor personality.

Investment Fee Quiz

How much do you really know about the investment fees you are paying?

Fraud Email Course

Learn how to avoid investment fraud with this free email course.


Get Started with Investing

Feeling overwhelmed with too much investing information? Start with the basics.

Fraud Warning Signs

Learn to protect yourself and others by learning the Fraud Warning Signs.

Empowered Investor Guide

You need the right information and the right attitude to become an empowered investor.

Enforcement Video Series

Find out about how BCSC Enforcement handles investor tips and complaints.

Fraud Prevention Guide

Is that "opportunity" you heard about actually an investment fraud?

Private Placement Guide

Learn about how the private placement market works, who can invest in it, and the risks.

Real Estate Investments

How do you know what's REAL in real estate investing?

Know About Investment Fees

Even a 1% difference in the fees you pay can have a big impact on your investment returns.

Take a Look at Your Fees

Find out what you need to know about the fees you’re paying for your investments and the investment advice you receive.

Fund Facts Interactive Sample

Learn about what's in the Fund Facts.

ETF Facts Interactive Sample

Learn about what's in the ETF Facts.