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2022 Highlight Reel: BCSC InvestRight’s Year in Review

It’s been a jam-packed year of investor education at the BCSC. From new resources to hosting a crypto Q&A to covering timely topics – we’re here to help British Columbians navigate the ups, downs, and in-betweens of investing.

BCSC launches three-year InvestRight “Be Fraud Aware” campaign

[…] across the province. By delivering this message over a three-year period, we believe that, over time, more people will be able to recognize warning signs of investment fraud and warn others. It is also our hope that people will call our inquiry line 1-800-373-6393, or report on-line if they have information about a suspicious scheme.

BCSC InvestRight Gets a Makeover

We’ve got a new look! For October’s Investor Education Month 2022, we unveiled a brand new look for BCSC InvestRight. The site is still brimming with unbiased information, with the added benefit of new features to make navigating InvestRight.org easier, so you can spend less time looking and more time learning. What’s New? BCSC […]

BCSC InvestRight

Home > Search results for ‘ About BCSC InvestRight‘ We provide investors with online tools and information to help them make wise decisions and protect themselves. A key goal of the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) is to empower investors to protect their financial interests and become better informed about investment products and services. About InvestRight.org The […]

Investing FAQs

The questions and answers on this page are common questions British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) Inquiries staff field in their daily work. If you want to follow up on one of these questions, feel free to contact BCSC Inquiries.


The InvestRight.org website is a non-commercial public service provided by the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC). Our goal at the BCSC is to provide information to BC investors to help them avoid investment scams and make informed investment decisions.

Crypto Quiz

Test Your Crypto Asset Knowledge.

This quiz is designed to introduce you to the basics of crypto assets. It is not intended to provide investment or financial advice, and should not be relied upon as a substitute for such advice.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are the same thing.