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Take Our Investment Fraud Email Course – It’s Free

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This self-directed email course covers the warning signs of investment fraud, common scams, and how to report suspicious activity to the BCSC.

BCSC InvestRight wants to help you learn how to recognize, reject, and report investment fraud. Our self-directed email course covers the warning signs of investment fraud, common scams, and how to report suspicious activity to the BC Securities Commission (BCSC).

Before you sign up to take the course, we suggest you read answers to common questions about the course, the BCSC, and InvestRight.

Why Should I Sign Up For an Email Course About Investment Fraud?

Investment fraud isn’t easy to recognize. In fact, a friend, family member, or coworker could unwittingly get you involved in an investment fraud because they truly believe an investment they contributed to is legit.

This course will help you recognize investment fraud if you see or hear about it. It will also walk you through some common investment scams, and it will teach you how to do a background check on people who are offering to sell you an investment. Finally, if you suspect an investment fraud in your community or network, you will learn how and where to report it.

Fraud proofing yourself could save you, or someone close to you, from losing money to a fraudster. It’s well worth your time to take this course.

What’s the Commitment & Cost?

It doesn’t cost anything but your time, which is a worthwhile investment if it can help you protect against losing money to a fraudster. The commitment is also pretty minimal – four modules that arrive in your inbox, and then a test to gauge your understanding of the information we sent you. We estimate the entire course will take about 45 minutes to an hour of your time.

If you want to keep in touch, you are welcome to sign up for our monthly newsletter.

How do I Sign Up?

That’s the easy part. Just enter your email and name in the subscription box (we don’t use it to send you anything else), and the course will start.

What is the BC Securities Commission?

We are an independent, self-funded government agency that, among other things, educates investors to avoid investment fraud and protect themselves against unsuitable investments. To find out more about the BCSC visit the About Us section on our corporate website.

What is BCSC InvestRight?

One of the BCSC’s key goals is to empower investors to protect their financial interests and become better informed about investment products and services. The BCSC communicates independent investing information to British Columbians through InvestRight.org and its related social media channels. The BCSC has been communicating through InvestRight.org since 2006.

Report a Concern

If you have any concerns about a person or company offering an investment opportunity, please contact BCSC Contact Centre at 604-899-6854 or 1-800-373-6393 or through e-mail at [email protected]. You can also file a complaint or submit a tip anonymously using the BCSC’s online complaint form.

InvestRight.org is the BC Securities Commission’s investor education website. Subscribe to receive email updates from BCSC InvestRight.

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